I was looking for a reliable plugin to help me with a online directory project, and BuddyForms exceeded my expectations. With so many lousy plugins out there that serve a single purpose, it was a true delight to use the Forms Builder to create a directory that anyone could submit content to, without much of my own interference in the process. If you're looking to build sites that rely on user submitted content, then this is the only plugin to choose to solve the mystery once and for all. 

Nifemi Aluko
CEO Kpakpakpa

Why BuddyForms?

Whether you're running WordPress or BuddyPress, you can use BuddyForms to grant access to your users to their own version of a standardized WordPress front-end editor, with features such as moderation, revision control, and an easy forms builder. It's a truly versatile, yet easy to setup solution that will forever change the way you look at crowdsourced content generation.

We built BuddyForms because we got tired of seeing community users being denied the opportunity to share their own content, in their own way. With our game-changing plugin, your users will now be able to share content right from their own user dashboards. It's time to let your users become a part of the conversation, in a big way.

  • Productivity

    With the help of the Drag n Drop Forms Builder, you will be able to create your custom content forms within minutes and have users submit their own content instantly.

  • Custom post types

    Whether it is an online directory, a news magazine, a simple blog, an online store, perhaps a collection of documents, you will now be able to build forms for all the post types.

  • Freedom

    The interface is intuitive and adjusts to your needs accordingly. A vast choice of Form Elements allow you to create infinite number of content submission forms.

  • Extensions

    Further extend your BuddyForms sites with our custom-built extensions and addons that support your favorite software and plugins.

User generated content, made easy

Time is your most important asset, and how often do you find yourself overwhelmed by the requirements of a regular blogging schedule? We all have been there. This is why we built BuddyForms; an all-in-one solution that allows your users to share their content freely. Your users will now be able to write, edit and publish content, share their favorite photos and videos, and become the artisans of your community. All from within their BuddyPress Member Profile.

Features List

BuddyForms Extensions

We want BuddyForms to be accessible for everyone, and to be adaptable to any type of content website that might require the participation of your users. We are regularly releasing new and exciting extensions that allow you to further extend the functionality of already feature-rich BuddyForms installations. Each of our extensions have been carefully analyzed and built to provide the maximum variety of content features.


BuddyForms by default works great with WordPress, however to enjoy it fully with your BuddyPress installation; we recommend that you get our BuddyForms Members plugin. This will then
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Hierarchical Posts

With this extension you can create hierarchical forms. You can have a Parent post such as "Journal" and a Child post such as "Entries". Whenever you list the
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WooCommerce Form Elements

This is an excellent plugin to allow your users to become vendors of your site. You will now be able to use the Forms Builder to create custom
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Hook Fields

The Hooks plugin allows you to add a "Fields" option to your BuddyForms Form Builder, which then allows you to manually select placement for your fields. With Hooks
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Posts 2 Posts

Posts 2 Posts lets you tailor all your WordPress content together for creating additional ways of displaying content, such as: custom curated related posts list, series of posts,
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Review System

WordPress by default doesn't allow you to edit live posts and save them as new drafts or pending reviews without having to remove the post from the published
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You can easily extend the functionality of BuddyForms by using custom plugins.

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